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SMK and SOMAN Helmets are now available with Accident Insurance Coverage, powered by Bimafy. Juvenile Bikerzs, the only authorized sole distributor of SMK and SOMAN helmets in Bangladesh, provides free accident insurance to its customers so they can be financially protected in case of an accident.

This new feature was officially introduced on April 2022 for all customers purchasing official SMK and SOMAN helmets from Juvenile Bikerzs or any of its approved dealers. This offer will be valid till further notice from Juvenile Bikerzs. Customers must activate the insurance coverage using the insurance card provided with the helmet to enjoy the accident insurance coverage.

What is the Accident Insurance Coverage with SMK and SOMAN helmets?

SMK and SOMAN helmets are carefully designed to protect you while riding a motorcycle. Still, they also provide more value for the money as they come with complimentary accident insurance coverage. If you get injured in a motorcycle accident, you can claim financial benefits against your injury by providing treatment-related documents. The accident insurance coverage shall be valid for one year from the date of helmet purchase, and you can get financial benefits if you are injured due to an accident.

Accident Insurance Coverage amounts are variable based on the helmet model, starting from BDT. 35,000 to BDT. 120,000. Have a look at the table below regarding model wise insurance coverage:

Helmet Brand/Model Accident Insurance Coverage Life Insurance Coverage
All SMK helmet models Up to BDT. 30,000 BDT. 30,000
All SOMAN helmet models Up to BDT. 20,000 BDT. 20,000

Insurance Coverage amounts on different SMK/SOMAN helmet models

The accident insurance coverage benefit is provided based on the accidental injury sustained by the purchaser of the helmet as per the following:

Type of Accidental Injury SMK Helmets SOMAN Helmets
Head injury BDT. 30,000 BDT. 20,000
Chest/internal injury/3rd-degree burn BDT. 15,000 BDT. 15,000
Fracture/dislocation/amputation/2nd-degree burn BDT. 9,000 BDT. 6,000
Cut/soft tissue injury/1st-degree burn BDT. 3,000 BDT. 2,000

Please read the attached Insurance Guide and FAQ document below to learn about the insurance coverages.

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SMK and SOMAN helmet Accident Insurance Guide and FAQ