Bimafy is a brand of Flair Technologies Limited, that started operations in March - 2019 with the vision of developing financial inclusion and empowering people with financial stability, access and security - all through digital solutions in the insurance and financial industry.

Insurance is a powerful tool in a developing and emerging economies like ours. We would like to help us all to embrace it, through technology, efficiency, and transparency. May the force be with you.

Learn About - bimafy is the first online financial marketplace in Bangladesh which aims to increase the everyday use of insurance and other financial products in peoples’ lives. The platform provides digital solutions for insurance to the people of Bangladesh with the prime focus of convenience, mass reach, and ease of use.

In an industry where the negative stigma is a major challenge, we embrace the usefulness of insurance in peoples’ everyday lives and are working towards making peoples’ lives easier using simple tools to keep their future away from financial struggles.

As Bangladesh rises towards development, peoples’ lives are challenged with different hurdles and accidents, something that we don’t have a hand on. We would like to build a community of online digital insurance where we work together to help the ones at their desolate hours, so that no one is left behind. That is only how we can harness the true potential of a community-based solution like insurance.

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