Motorcycle Insurance in Bangladesh

Motorcycle Insurance

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What is the CC limit of your Motorcycle?

Compare and find the best deals of Comprehensive (First Party) motor insurance prices from anywhere in Bangladesh using Bimafy website or mobile app.

About Comprehensive (First Party) Motor Car Insurance

Bimafy is the best place to buy Comprehensive (First Party) Car Insurance in Bangladesh, as you can order the insurance policy from your preferred insurance company using the website or mobile app very quickly. Get Zero Percent (0%) interest Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) with eligible credit cards for up to 12 months. You can find the best insurance deal in terms of price, comparability, and convenience by using Bimafy. We also provide emergency roadside assistance with all Motor Comprehensive (First Party) insurance policies with free claims assistance and cashless claim settlement options. We provide the best assurance for you and your car whenever you need it. Avail of the coverage and claims services only from the trusted and reputed insurance companies in Bangladesh using Bimafy. The online Motor Comprehensive (First Party) insurance provided through Bimafy is applicable for all vehicles acknowledged under private registration and used for personal purposes and not used for hire or reward. The cars are classed based on the BRTA registration and the purpose of use but not based on the design or type.

What is Comprehensive or First Party Motor Insurance?

With the Comprehensive or First Party Insurance, you can get insurance coverage in the case of:

Accidental Damages and Theft: Damages or loss of the Insured Motor Vehicle and its accessories while driving in the road or parked in a designated parking lot. These include damages to the insured vehicle due to a road accident or loss of the insured vehicle or parts of it due to housebreaking/robbery. It also covers motor engine damage through accidental external means and any damage to the car in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lifts, elevator, or air.

Additional Coverage can be opted in for:

  1. Flood & Cyclone: Damages caused by Typhoon, Hurricane, Flood, Storm, Tempest, Cyclone, Hailstorm, Frost or inundation, etc.
  2. Earthquake: Damages to insured vehicle due to earthquake effects such as fire and shock damages, self-ignition etc.
  3. Riot and Strike: Damages to the insured vehicle due to riots and strikes, malicious or violent activities, etc.

*Standard insurance terms and conditions apply. Please refer to the policy wording document for further details.

For an online insurance policy application, fill in the information at the premium calculator and click get a price to see all the currently available options. You can check the breakdown of costs for each price quotation. To apply online for the policy, follow the instructions provided on the following pages. If you place an order with Bimafy for an insurance policy, it may take 24 hours to deliver inside Dhaka areas and 72 hours for outside Dhaka areas.


You can enjoy cashless claims settlement facility at our network motor workshops if you have acquired a policy through us. You have to notify us if you face an accident or an event that caused a loss or damage to your insured vehicle. We shall assist you in getting a cashless repair service at our network garages/workshops so that you do not have to worry about anything. We also provide claim assistance for free to all of our customers who need to raise a claim due to an unfortunate event. Feel free to contact us for any further information about ordering insurance online and our services, or any information that we can deliver for your convenience, we would love to hear from you.