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    DCS Biker Bima Mini
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    Chartered Life Insurance

DCS Biker Bima Mini

Chartered Life Insurance
Chartered Life Insurance


Coverage for treatment of Accidental Injuries
0 days waiting period.

It provides predefined benefits against different types of accidental injuries. Please see the Description section to find out more about this benefit.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions/illnesses

A Pre-existing condition is an illness or injury that you already have or have been diagnosed with before starting a new health insurance policy. Conditions or illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, sleep apnea, etc., are some examples of Pre-existing Conditions.
Usually, health insurance plans do not cover Pre-existing Conditions before a certain waiting period ranging from 6 months to 4 years. Please check the plan features before getting a policy if you already have pre-existing conditions. It would be wise to renew your health insurance policy every year to get coverage against Pre-existing Conditions.

The period after taking an insurance policy during which you cannot make any claim

Most health insurance plans have a waiting period for illness-related treatments during which you cannot make any claims, while accident-related treatments are typically covered from day 1.
Usually, the waiting period applies only in the first year of policy and does not apply if you renew your policy every year.
Some health insurance plans have extended waiting periods for pre-existing conditions or some specific illnesses.
The lower the waiting period, the better since you can get coverage against your diseases sooner.

Coverage Breakdown for Accidental Injury based on the type of injury:

  • Head Injury: BDT. 10,000
  • Chest Injury, Internal Injury: BDT. 7,500
  • Fracture, Dislocation, Amputation: BDT. 5,000
  • Cut injury, Abrasions, Soft Tissue Injury: BDT. 1,000

*Multiple claims can be raised during the coverage period until the total coverage of BDT. 10,000 is over.

Waiting Periods:

  • No waiting period for claims against Accidental Injuries/Accidental Death
If any one person or individual subscribes multiple times to this insurance policy or any other similar policy provided by the Insurance Company then only one claim shall be accepted against a single illness or injury. Multiple claims under different subscriptions against a single illness or injury shall not be accepted.


  • Any pre-existing conditions are not covered.
  • Any injuries/deaths due to unlawful activities are not covered.
  • Death due to HIV/AIDS is not covered.
  • Insurance coverage shall be applicable for accidents/incidents occurring within the territory of Bangladesh only.

Claims must be submitted within 30 (thirty) days from the date of the accident.

If you face an accident and get injured, please go to the nearest hospital or registered doctor's chamber for treatment. Please collect and preserve all medical documents and bills to submit the claim. A list of required claim documents is provided below:

Required Documents for Accidental Injury claim:

  • Copy of NID and Valid Driving License of the Insured Person
  • Doctor’s Prescription/Advice for hospitalization (in applicable cases)
  • Discharge Certificate (in applicable cases)
  • All Bills from hospital/clinic/doctor's chamber
  • All medical reports such as X-Ray, City Scan, MRI, or such relevant reports
  • Any other supporting documents (if required)

Required Documents for Accidental Death claim:

  • NID and Valid Driving License of the Insured Person
  • Death Certificate mentioning the actual cause of death
  • Post Mortem Report
  • NID of the Legal Nominee
  • Warisan/Succession Certificate from the local government office
  • Any other supporting documents

Please submit your claim using the Bimafy Mobile App or Website. Alternatively, you can submit your claim via email to: [email protected] by mentioning your full name and registered mobile phone number on the subject.

Provide clear scanned copies of your treatment-related documents while submitting the claim.

If the Insured Person is not alive and the Nominee needs to submit the claim then he/she should contact Bimafy Customer Service for assistance.