Product Name: Health Bima Basic

Policy Duration: 1 Year

Premium: BDT. 499

Product Summary

Coverage Type Coverage Amount Waiting Period
Yearly Hospitalization BDT 15,000 (BDT. 1,000 per day for 15 days) 15 Days
COVID-19 Isolation Coverage BDT. 5,000 15 days

Coverage and Benefits

Up to BDT. 20,000 yearly health coverage subscription for 1 person

- BDT. 15,000 Hospitalization Cashback (BDT. 1,000 per night, up to 15 nights per year)

- BDT. 5,000 COVID-19 Benefit (BDT. 2,500 per claim, up to 2 times in a year)

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Terms, Limitations, and Exclusions


  1. 1-year coverage duration from the date of registration
  2. For 1 Bangladeshi adult person with good health conditions
  3. Age limit - 18 to 64 completed years at the time of registration
  4. 15 days waiting period for COVID-19 and sickness related hospitalization claims, no waiting period for hospitalization due to accidents
  5. 180 days waiting period for any hospitalization claim related to maternity
  6. MBBS or above qualified doctor’s recommendation required for hospitalization
  7. Hospital must be registered with the government authority
  8. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of treatment/discharge


  1. Maximum 5 nights’ coverage benefit can be claimed against a single admission in hospital
  2. Second claim of COVID-19 can be made after 60 days from the first illness due to COVID-19 for which a claim has been successfully settled
  3. In case of multiple claims against a single illness, only the higher benefit shall be payable


  1. Any congenital infirmity
  2. Hospitalization, COVID-19 or any treatment taken during the waiting period
  3. Treatment or advice by a person or professional not registered under BMDC (Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council)
  4. Hospitalization due to any type of illegal activities
  5. Any procedures which are experimental or not generally accepted by the medical profession viz. acupuncture, herbal/ayurvedic/homeopathy treatment and any Alternative Medical Care (AMC) etc.
  6. Circumcision, prophylactic, and immunization procedures
  7. Non-surgical treatment for tuberculosis, hepatitis B & C
  8. Mental, emotional or psychiatric disorders, alcoholism or any other narcotic addiction
  9. Obesity i.e., treatment for, or required as a result of obesity, any cosmetic or plastic treatment/surgery, unless required as reconstructive surgery as a consequence of an injury due to accidents, or burns
  10. Sleep disorders i.e., treatment for insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, or any other sleep related breathing problem
  11. Treatment of family planning purposes including termination of pregnancy, sterility or treatment related to assisted reproduction
  12. The condition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), or any AIDS related illness or HIV virus

Required Documents for Claim

Hospitalization Benefit Claims (Scanned images or clear photographs):

  • Doctor’s advice/prescription for hospital admission
  • NID/Passport of the Covered Person
  • Discharge certificate from the hospital
  • Diagnostic test reports
  • Hospital bill/ticket
  • Treatment Sheet
  • Any other supporting documents which may be required

COVID-19 Isolation Benefit Claims

  • Doctor’s recommendation for COVID-19 test
  • NID/Passport of the Covered Person
  • COVID-19 positive report/SMS from a Government approved hospital, laboratory or diagnostic center, following Government approved test procedure(s) (where test center name, test and report delivery dates, Covered Person’s name are clearly mentioned)
  • Any other supporting documents which may be required