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Many of us travel abroad for various reasons such as business, vacation, employment, or study. Many people travel with a risk of unexpected illness or accident while travelling abroad and a huge amount of money gets spent, as medical treatment and related matters abroad are quite expensive. That is why it is wise to take a travel insurance policy while going abroad as coverage against medical or other expenses is available through travel insurance. The price or premium of travel insurance is only a small amount compared to the total cost of our trip abroad, but many of us do not remember or give importance to the right travel insurance while travelling abroad.

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While travelling abroad, travellers often face danger due to sudden illness or accidents. Sometimes, even simple reasons lead to serious illness or injuries because many people cannot make the right decision at the right time due to the changing conditions outside their own country or due to the lack of proper assistance.

On the other hand, travel insurance is now mandatory in many countries of the world. For example, a travel insurance policy with a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros is required to apply for a visa in the 26 Schengen countries. Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Norway, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Sweden, etc. are among the Schengen countries, and a travel insurance policy is required to apply for a visa in these countries. Also, travel insurance is mandatory for travelling to some other countries such as the UK, Turkey, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Thailand etc.

Considering all these things, the insurance companies of our country have launched travel insurance packages for travellers. This travel insurance provides you with financial assistance in case of various perils during your trip to various types of assistance such as travel assistance, emergency evacuation, etc. Different travel insurance companies offer different types of insurance packages with varying amounts of coverage. You can take a travel insurance policy according to your budget based on whether you are travelling alone, taking your family, where you are going, and what kind of activities you will be involved in. In this case, your travel insurance premium will be determined on the basis of your age, duration of travel, which country you are going to, and how much coverage you need.

Let's know the brief details and coverage of travel insurance.

The current travel insurance packages in our country provide coverage from 50,000 to 100,000 dollars (or Euro equivalent). If you are travelling to a Schengen country, you must have a minimum 30,000 Euro coverage policy, otherwise, your visa application will not be approved. You can claim financial compensation against various medical expenses up to the amount of this coverage or sum assured. Below are the cases in which you can make an insurance claim.

**Emergency Transport Charges:**

If the insured person is injured due to any sudden serious illness or accident during the trip, the cost of emergency transportation to the hospital or a nearby service centre is reimbursed through travel insurance.

**Special Transport Cost:**

In many cases, the insured person is temporarily unable to travel by ordinary transport due to sudden illness or accident and requires special transport (eg air ambulance) to take him to the hospital or bring him back home, which is a very expensive affair. Travel insurance covers the cost of specialized transportation in this case.

**Emergency Medical Coverage:**

If the insured person has to be admitted to a hospital for treatment due to an accident or sudden illness, the hospital treatment expenses can be reimbursed by making a claim against the travel insurance.

**Dental Pain Relief:**

In case of a sudden toothache, while travelling abroad, this type of medical expense is reimbursed up to a certain amount.

**Repatriation/Burial Expenses:**

If the insured dies suddenly while travelling abroad, repatriation of his/her dead body and luggage/bags etc. is quite expensive and the travel insurance compensates this cost to his/her nominee (legal heirs). Even if the deceased is buried abroad, the nominee will also be reimbursed for the expenses.

A few things to note are that, like any other insurance policy, travel insurance policies have certain conditions and coverage is not available in certain cases. Some of the important ones are the treatment of any pre-existing illness, accidents due to illegal activities, war-related accidents, professional sports-related accidents, pregnancy, general health check-ups, etc. Therefore, it is better to know the terms and conditions of the insurance policy while taking out the coverage so that there is no difficulty in getting a claim later.

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