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    Chartered Nirapotta (3 Years Term)
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    Chartered Life Insurance

Chartered Nirapotta (3 Years Term)

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Chartered Life Insurance
Insurance Provider
Chartered Life Insurance
Policy Duration
3 Years
Number of People Covered

Fixed benefit for hospitalization on a daily basis
30 days waiting period.

Coverage for surgery performed under in-patient department
90 days waiting period.

Coverage for ambulance fare in case of an emergency
7 days waiting period.

Coverage for Accidental Injuries
7 days waiting period.

Lump sum benefit paid to the legal nominee if the Insured Person dies.
30 days waiting period.

Lump sum benefit paid to the legal nominee if the Insured Person dies due to an accident.

Settlement of hospital bill directly at the time of discharge

Fixed amount/Percentage of medical expenses that are not paid by the insurance company.

Coverage for pre-existing conditions/illnesses

The period after taking an insurance policy during which you cannot make any claim

Coverage for expenses incurred against ambulance services

Refund of premium if there is no claim during the policy period

Coverage for maternity/child-birth related issues

Coverage for hospitalization/treatments abroad

Maximum number of days covered per Hospitalization

Waiting Periods:

  • Natural Death: 30 days
  • Accidental Death: 7 days
  • Accidental Injury: 7 days
  • Emergency Hospitalization: 7 days
  • Non-emergency Hospitalization: 30 days
  • Surgical Expense: 90 days
  • Ambulance Fare: 7 days
  • Death/Hospitalization due to Pre-existing Diseases: 1 year

Exclusions: Death

  • All pre-existing diseases in the first year of the policy
  • Self-inflicted injury or the commission of or attempted commission of an assault or any unlawful act or being engaged in any illegal activity or felony
  • Suicide while sane or insane
  • The condition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), or any AIDS-related illness or HIV virus

Exclusions: Hospital Cash

  • Any congenital infirmity
  • Any minor surgery, daycare treatment
  • All kinds of pre-existing diseases in the first year of the policy
  • Circumcision, prophylactic, and immunization procedures
  • Mental, emotional, or psychiatric disorders, alcoholism, or any other narcotic addiction
  • Obesity i.e. treatment for, or required as a result of obesity, any cosmetic or plastic treatment/surgery, unless required as reconstructive surgery as a consequence of an injury due to accidents, burns
  • Any procedures which are experimental or not generally accepted by the medical profession viz. acupuncture, SAAOL, CERAGEM, herbal/ayurvedic/unani/natural/homeopathy treatment and any Alternative Medical Care (AMC), etc.
  • Treatment or advice by a person or professional not registered under BMDC (Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council)
  • Rest, convalescence or rejuvenation cures, thermal baths, physiotherapy or confinement for the purposes of slimming or beautification
  • Fracture and trauma due to physical assault, injury arising due to an accident while participating in any unlawful activities (e.g., driving a car without a license), attempted suicide, violation or attempted violation of the law, injuries willfully or intentionally self-inflicted or due to insanity or under the influence of a drug
  • Assembly of artificial limbs & necessary treatment of the said artificial limbs (unless required due to accident)
  • Routine examination of eye and ear, fitting or replacement of eyeglasses (including Intraocular lens or contact lenses) or hearing aids, health screening including routine physical examinations (health check-ups), malignant cancer, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, dialysis, and any dental treatment unless requiring hospitalization for reconstructive surgery as a consequence of an accident
  • Non-surgical care for tuberculosis, hepatitis B & C, and any other vaccinations, all expenses incurred in connection with the donor for any treatment, AIDS and HIV diseases, lupus and other connective tissue and autoimmune disorders, and costs of prostheses, corrective devices;
  • Sleep disorders i.e., treatment for insomnia, sleep apnoea, snoring, or any other sleep-related breathing problem
  • Participating in competitions, races, contests, matches on land, air, or sea; pot-holing, paragliding, bungee jumping, parachuting, and/or scuba diving
  • IgE Test, vitamin test
  • All kinds of Hospitalization due to pregnancy

*Please read the policy wording document for detailed terms and conditions of this insurance policy.

Policy Wording File

Download - chartered-nirapotta-policy-wording626aa17d8f0a8.pdf

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is a type of insurance policy that provides financial coverage against illness, diseases, and accident-related treatments. That means the insured person can get medical expense reimbursement or fixed cash benefit (based on the type of insurance policy) for treatments received due to the medical conditions.

Health insurance usage is relatively new in Bangladesh, and most of the insurance companies in Bangladesh do not offer retail health insurance policies to individual customers. Instead, insurance companies provide group health insurance plans to enterprises and corporates for their employees and workforce. For this reason, access to health insurance plans is still difficult for the mass people of Bangladesh. Bimafy is working with selected insurance companies to make health insurance easy and accessible for everyone. Bimafy offers different types of health insurance plans on its website and mobile app for you to choose from.

Why does everyone need a Health Insurance policy?

Everyone should have a health insurance policy because:

  • Health insurance provides coverage against unexpected illness or accidental injuries to better manage your financial situation in case of an emergency hospitalization or treatment.
  • Health insurance helps you to afford better healthcare services as you have the financial independence to seek quality healthcare services.
  • Health insurance provides peace of mind as you are covered against unexpected situations and do not need to worry about spending your savings on treatment.

Types of Health Insurance policies available in Bangladesh

Regardless of the scarcity of up-to-date health insurance coverage and plans, mostly there are 3 types of health insurance products/plans available in our country, as per the following:

1. Hospital Reimbursement Plans

Hospital reimbursement plans are the most commonly used health insurance coverage by enterprises/corporates for their employees and workforce. These plans usually come with a yearly total coverage (sum-insured) amount up to which the policyholder or insured person can claim back the medical expenses incurred due to hospitalization. Sometimes, these plans come with bundled life insurance coverage and OPD (outpatient department services) coverage so that you can have peace of mind in case of any mishaps.

For example, if a reimbursement plan provides BDT. 50,000 yearly coverage for hospital treatment, and you had to spend BDT. 35,000 in total for an in-patient hospital treatment, the insurance company shall provide up to BDT. 35,000 as reimbursement against the claim. Some expenses may be excluded from the coverage on your policy, and those bills will not be paid back by the insurance company. Check the policy wording, coverage limits, and exclusions before buying a health insurance plan.

An important note to consider here is that reimbursement policies give back the medical expenses (subject to exclusion and deductibles) as per the hospital bill. You need to properly collect and preserve the medical documents and bills at the time of discharge to submit an insurance claim.

2. Hospital Cash Plans

Hospital Cash plans, or simply “hospicash” plans, are a more straightforward type of health insurance policy that provides daily fixed benefits per night of hospitalization. These plans do not consider the medical expenses incurred by the insured/policyholder. Instead, this health insurance policy provides a daily cash benefit to meet the lost income due to illness or accident. Often, these plans come with bundled life coverage, OPD coverage, and other benefits and are priced reasonably lower than reimbursement plans.

For example, if a hospital cash policy provides BDT. 3,000 per night of hospitalization, then you can get BDT. 9,000 benefits if you had to take treatment in a hospital for 3 consecutive nights. These plans usually come with waiting periods for claims and specific exclusions against particular diseases. So, please check the waiting periods and exclusions before buying a health insurance policy for yourself or your family members.

An important note to consider is that you must properly collect all medical documents, including hospital bills, to raise insurance claims. The insurance company will need these documents to verify the authenticity of your claim.

3. Critical Illness Plans

A critical illness (CI) plan is a type of health insurance policy that provides a fixed benefit or reimbursement of expenses up to the coverage amount in case of a diagnosis of a life-threatening illness. Hence it is called critical illness insurance. These plans usually cover severe or life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery, major organ transplantation, etc. This list may include more diseases or illnesses based on the insurance company or plan. Critical illness health insurance policies are affordable and can be a lifesaver for you in an unfortunate situation.

Sometimes, critical illness coverages are bundled with reimbursement or hospital cash policies so that you can get complete coverage simply by purchasing a single policy. Otherwise, you can buy a reimbursement or hospital cash plan and get critical illness coverage separately to ensure better financial safety in an emergency.

Why is Bimafy the best place to buy health insurance policies?

Bimafy (bimafy.com) is the first digital insurance platform in Bangladesh, from where you can easily order the insurance policy you prefer or need and submit your insurance claims using the same platform digitally. Bimafy is not an insurance company; it is a digital platform through which you can take the insurance services provided by various insurance companies using digital channels. It is a new solution offered by Bimafy for the people of Bangladesh to make insurance easily accessible and more user-friendly.

Bimafy promotes and markets the insurance services of reputed insurance companies using its website and mobile app. People can now get many services through digital platforms like e-commerce, ride-sharing, doctor consultation, etc. But, before Bimafy, insurance was not available to people through digital channels, and Bimafy made it available to Bangladeshi people.

Through Bimafy, you can get the following insurance services: Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Accident Insurance, Motor insurance, Life Insurance, and many more.

Bimafy is the best platform to get a health insurance policy for yourself and your loved ones. As it provides various insurance policies in one place, you can easily compare and select the best policy suited to your needs and budget.

Bimafy not only helps you get the best insurance policy for you but also assists you in submitting the insurance claims digitally and getting the settlement as fast as possible.

Various reputed insurance companies provide their insurance services through Bimafy. You can get your suitable health insurance plan today without any hassle through online purchases or with just a phone call. Bimafy considers customer satisfaction the highest priority and aims to provide the best insurance experience you have ever enjoyed.

To know more about health insurance and for any other information, send us an email or call Bimafy Customer Support.

Customer Support Hotline: +88 09606991991

Email address: cs@bimafy.com

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